Technical Committees

Committee 1 – Roadway & Ballast

Track Functional Group

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of recommended practices and information relating to:

  • Preliminary exploration, testing, design, construction, and maintenance of railway roadbeds. This shall include soil stabilization, retaining structures and drainage.
  • Ballast types and sections.
  • Culvert types, installation and inspection.
  • Utility installation on railway rights-of-way by railways or others.
  • Fencing and roadway signs.
  • Vegetation control.
  • Tunnel design and excavation, not including lining the tunnel, which is the responsibility of Committee 8.
  • Geosynthetic materials for railway applications.


Richard C. Zaluski, II

Asst. Chief Engineer - Construction

Norfolk Southern Railway


Vice Chair

Terrance M. Bodine, PE

Director of Rail Services

Patrick Engineering Inc.



Christopher S. Moale, PE

Engineer Standards

CSX Transportation



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Posted 11/03/17

Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research.

Subcommittee B: Revision of Manual.

Subcommittee 1: Roadbed

D1-1-14: Develop recommendations for Ground Improvement Techniques.

Subcommittee 2: Ballast

D2-1-11: Use of recycled concrete. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 3: Natural Waterways

D3-1-11: Review and revise Evaluating Local Scour at Abutments. Ongoing assignment.

D3-1-16: Review/revise section 3.8 Construction & Protection of Roadbed Across Reservoir Areas

Subcommittee 4: Culverts

D4-2-13: Update Section 4.19 Culvert Inspection. Ongoing assignment.

D4-1-15: Develop recommendations for use of Corrugated Polypropylene Pipe. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 5: Utilities

D5-5-09: Pipeline Installation Inspection Field Checklist. Ongoing assignment.

D5-1-13: Investigate and update casing criteria for pipelines crossing the railroad right of way. Ongoing assignment.

D5-1-16: Prepare section on overhead and underground wireline crossings in Part 5 Pipelines.

D5-2-16: Overhead and Underground Wireline Crossings and Encroachements.

Subcommittee 6: Fences

Subcommittee 7: Roadway Signs

Subcommittee 8: Tunnels

D8-3-13: Develop micro-tunneling recommendations.

D8-3-16: Develop recommendations for Pilot Tube Method of Micro-tunneling

Subcommittee 9: Vegetation Control

Subcommittee 10: Geosynthetics

C10-1-96: Develop recommended practice for the use of geosynthetics for stabilization of the track roadbed. Monitor applicable research on goesynthetics for information that will strengthen AREMA recommendations. Ongoing assignment.

D10-4-13: Develop recommendations for use of microporous filter composites. Ongoing assignment.

D10-2-14: Create Section 10.0 Introduction to Geosynthetics.

D10-2-15: Develop recommendations for use of woven geotextile fabrics.