Technical Committees

Committee 2 - Track Measurement and Assessment Systems 

Engineering Services Functional Group

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of recommended practices and information relating to:

  • Rail measurement
  • Track surveying
  • New track measurement technologies
  • Track geometry car development
  • Track geometry analysis


Stephen S. Woody

Mgr Technology Development

Norfolk Southern Railway


Vice Chair

Matthew G. Dick, P.E.

Deputy Division Manager




Josh McBain

Manager - Train Dynamics

BNSF Railway



Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research.

Subcommittee B: Revision of Manual.

Subcommittee 1: Track geometry

D1-2-03: Recommended Practice for the Application of GPS/GIS Technologies to Track Measuring Systems. Assignment is currently on hold.

D1-1-11: Recommended Practices for Performance-Based Track Geometry System. Assignment is currently on hold.

D1-1-13: Recommended Practice for Autonomous Inspections. Complete.

D1-2-13: Develop a best practices for establishing accurate locations for track measurement system data. Complete.

Subcommittee 2: Rail measurement systems

D2-1-14: Develop a recommended practice for joint bar assessment.

D2-2-14: Develop a recommended practice for rail shape assessment.

D2-3-14: Develop a recommended practice for rail surface condition assessment.

Subcommittee 3: Track structure assessment

D3-1-07: Measurement frequency practices for GRMS vehicles. Completion is TBD.

D3-2-07: Recommended practice for the use of GWP to support maintenance programs. Completion is TBD.