AREMA 2017 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Participants

The purpose of the Member-Get-A-Member contest is to encourage member participation in recruiting new full and associate members. Each year the number of recruiting members increases and we thank all AREMA members for encouraging membership among friends and colleagues.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign!

Total MGAM Recruited: 176

First Place: Lydia White
Second Place: Neal D.J. McCulloch
Third Place: Spencer Cruse
Thank you to the following individuals who participated in the 2017 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign.
Mark Anderson40060Anderson
Mark Austin61311Austin
Jesus Avitia, EIT42396Avitia
Paul M. Bandlow, PE04807Bandlow
Laine Bass63098Bass
Christopher Beck06589Beck
David Bergstrom27899Bergstrom
Stephen Bolte19595Bolte
Ryan Breier52597Breier
David Brenny08135Brenny
Brian T. Burke, PE61670Burke
Brian A. Bussey26025Bussey
Thomas R. Carroll, P.E.00569Carroll
Alan S. Craine00788Craine
Linette Derminer62997Derminer
Giovanni C. DiDomenico, EI54523DiDomenico
William Doran, PE25569Doran
Jeff Easley07465Easley
Alireza Edraki, P.Eng.58435Edraki
T. Chris Evensen, PE08533Evensen
Gary Fisk, PE64453Fisk
JoAnn P. Forance39307Forance
Dexter A. Fordyce, PE58729Fordyce
Joseph Fowler, Jr.44170Fowler
John P. Gee34652Gee
Robert Giannoble09975Giannoble
Alex P. Goff01351Goff
Allen Goff07386Goff
Charles Griswold36786Griswold
Mark J. Gruber41957Gruber
Anthony K. Hargreaves07616Hargreaves
Justin Hughes34048Hughes
David Hunt43197Hunt
Gary Janzen32667Janzen
James M. Jensen63554Jensen
James J. Jewell01829Jewell
Johnny M. Johnson01841Johnson
Arthur J. Keffler, PE01915Keffler
James Kiss32872Kiss
Bradley R. Kopping, PE39689Kopping
Franco Lezzi32105Lezzi
Timmy Li, P.Eng.37756Li
Brian A. Lindamood, PE, SE02171Lindamood
Sean Markey, PE21929Markey
Marlin L. Matthews38258Matthews
Neal D.J. McCulloch21737McCulloch
Paul B. Michiels, PE04670Michiels
Douglas W. Morrison39241Morrison
Nick Nagrodsky58498Nagrodsky
Thomas C. Neel, PE09988Neel
Robert C. Nester28274Nester
Paul Nimigon27844Nimigon
Andrew B. Off, PE49977Off
David L. Ordas02735Ordas
Nathan Ortega, PE49402Ortega
William Pollak39508Pollak
Jesse Proffitt39272Proffitt
Glen Rees42573Rees
Joseph E. Riley, PE05561Riley
William M. Ripka06214Ripka
Robert H. Rockefeller06242Rockefeller
Steward E. Rogers05867Rogers
Allison Russo53920Russo
Maximo H. Salinas63323Salinas
Evan A. Sanders, PE60572Sanders
Kent Shue41792Shue
Gary T. Smith, P.Eng.27976Smith
Owen Smith35557Smith
Mark Snailham21202Snailham
Rob Spaulding35255Spaulding
Kenneth Spivey59532Spivey
Larry D. Stockton31652Stockton
Erol Tutumluer, PhD21234Tutumluer
Corey Vernier, PE34691Vernier
Kevin T. Voss32352Voss
Lydia L. White58962White
William R. Young04042Young
Michael J. Ziemba, PE34512Ziemba