Held in conjunction with the AREMA Annual Conference & Exposition.

Introduction to Practical Railway Engineering

September 14 - 16
Participants benefiting the most from this course are those with limited exposure to the railway industry or railroaders with highly specialized positions. For example, a structural engineer well versed in highway bridge design but with some exposure to railway bridge design would gain valuable knowledge about track, signals, and railway operations typically unfamiliar to those outside the industry.

The benefits from this seminar include contact with other railroad professionals through our low student/instructor ratio. Participants will gain a greater appreciation for the technical and not-so-technical aspects of railroad engineering and operations.

Registration fee includes a workbook containing printed copies of the presentation and a digital copy of the Practical Guide to Railway Engineering ($125 value) - an 800-page text published by AREMA.

Professional Development Hours: 15.5

Track Alignment Design

September 19 - 21
Participants will learn design approaches of typical rail service, capacity, and routing problems with a sharp focus on development and evaluation of horizontal and vertical alignment geometric design. A case study approach provides incrementally higher levels of difficulties with multiple constraints, building on concepts learned in prior modules. 9 real world situations are presented to the participants, who are walked through the project from the concept phase through alternative analysis to the final resolution. The interface of signal design and constructability with track alignment design are discussed.

This 2 day seminar is best for individuals that are responsible for track design production work, with 1-5 years of railroad or track design experience, or more experienced railroaders and engineers moving into track design responsibilities. Participants should have a rudimentary knowledge of railroads and railroad terminology. The IPRE or equivalent is an ideal precursor to this class.

Attendees will receive a certificate of participation, a workbook, and copy of the program on CD-ROM.

Professional Development Hours: 14.5

FRA 213: Track Safety Standards

September 19 - 21
This seminar is designed to teach the FRA 213 – Track Safety Standards with a fresh, innovative and interactive approach. AREMA, recognizing the special needs of short lines and contractors, developed this workshop specifically for short lines with Class 1 – 3 trackage. Using the format of its successful workshop for Class 1 – 5, the program has been completely retooled with photos depicting short line situations, problems and case studies geared only to Class 1 – 3 trackage.

Special emphasis is placed on:  Excepted track, drainage, defective ties and vegetation

Attendees will receive a certificate of participation, a workbook, copy of the program on CD-ROM and a copy of the FRA 213 Track Safety Standards.

Professional Development Hours: 15.75

Seminar Pricing at the Conference:

Before August 10: $750 Members / $925 Non-Members

After August 10: $850 Members / $1025 Non-Members