Track Functional Group

Technical Committee 5 - Track

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of recommended practices and information relating to:

  • Design, use and maintenance of tie plates, track spikes or other rail fixation devices or systems on wood ties.
  • Design, use and maintenance of special track work, i.e., turnouts, crossing frogs, etc.
  • Track geometry.
  • Track construction and maintenance procedures.
  • Track hand tools.
  • Railway-highway grade crossing surfaces.  


Karen J. Horiszny

Project Manager II

Alfred Benesch & Company


Vice Chair

Joshua Brass

Chief Engineer Capital

CSX Transportation



Donald H. Arant, PE

Vice President-Engineering

North Carolina Railroad Company


Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research.

Subcommittee B: Revision of Manual.

Subcommittee 2: Track Tools.

C2-1-79: Review Manual for inclusion of new and additional track tools. Update Part 6, Specification and Plans for Track Tools. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 4: Track design, collaborating as necessary with Committees 1, 4 and 30 (liaison only).

C4-1-02: Coordinate with the Passenger and Transit Group (and particularly with Committees 11, 12 and 17) for the prioritization and development of passenger and transit-specific trackwork plans for inclusion in the Portfolio. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 5: Turnout and crossing design, collaborating as necessary with Committees 1, 4 and 30.

C5-1-90: Update Portfolio of Trackwork Plans. Ongoing assignment.
C5-1-96: Revise tolerances on special trackwork. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 7: Track Construction.

C7-1-08: Update Manual on topics of track construction and maintenance. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 8: Criteria for track geometry design as related to modern equipment, collaborating as necessary with other AREMA technical committees, and AAR.

C8-1-08: Update turnout and crossing design. Ongoing assignment.
C8-2-08: Investigate speed through turnouts. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 9: Highway Railway Grade Crossings.

C9-1-92: Update Part 8, Highway/railway grade crossings. Ongoing assignment.