Structures Functional Group

Technical Committee 8– Concrete Structures & Foundations

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of recommended practices and information relating to:

  • General specifications for all types of concrete, reinforced concrete, pre or post-tensioned concrete used in railway structures except concrete cross ties or concrete switch ties.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of railway structures, foundations and footings utilizing any form of concrete.
  • Retaining walls of any material.
  • Tunnel lining of any material.
  • Piling of any material.
  • Crib walls of any material.
  • Water proofing of any material.
  • Pier protection of any material.
  • Subsurface investigation of any material.


Jason C. Hale, PE

Asst Director Bridge Inspection & Maintenance

BNSF Railway


Vice Chair

Paul B. Michiels, PE

Senior Structural Engineer

Wilson & Company, Inc.


Vice Chair

Damian Wallner

Senior Manager of Structures Design

Union Pacific



Lisa Hoekenga, PE, SE

Rail Department Manager

Michael Baker International


Portland, Maine Meeting – October 4 and 5, 2018
We toured the Sarah Mildred Long Lift Bridge, which spans the Piscataqua River between Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Kittery, Maine.
Pueblo, Colorado Meeting - May 2 and 3, 2019
We met at the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) and toured the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST) tracks.

Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee 1:

 D1-1-11: Address design of deep beam requirements, torsion requirements, strut and tie modeling and anchoring dowels into concrete to be included in Part 2. Ongoing assignment.
Updating Rho Max. Ongoing assignment.

Addition of high strength reinforcing steel and high strength concrete. Ongoing assignment.

C1-16: Review and update Part 16 - Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts and associated Commentary. Ongoing assignment.

C1-17: Review and update Part 17 – Prestressed Concrete and associated Commentary. Ongoing assignment.

C1-19: Review and update Part 19 – Rating of Existing Concrete Bridges and associated Commentary. Ongoing assignment.

C1-26: Review and update Part 2 - Recommendations for the Design of Segmental Bridges. Ongoing assignment.

A26-1-07: Update Part 26 - Segmental Bridge Construction. Ongoing assignment.

C1-27: Review and update Part 27 – Concrete Slab Track and associated Commentary. Ongoing assignment.

D1-1-15: Direct Fixation Manual Material. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 2:
C2-04: Review and Update Part 4-Pile Foundations, Ongoing assignment 

C2-10: Review and update Part 10-Reinforced Concrete Pipes, Ongoing assignment

C2-22: Revise and update Part 22 - Geotechnical Subsurface Investigation. Ongoing assignment. Letter Ballot 08-19-16 Submitted to Committee 8 for review and comment, 1/26/2022

C2-24: Revise and update Part 24-Drilled Shafts, Ongoing assignment.  Letter Ballot 08-21-07 Submitted to Committee 8 for review and comment, 1/26/2022

C2-20: (previously C2-3-13): Review and update Part 20 - Flexible Sheet Pile Bulkheads. This assignment will be combined with review and update of Part 28 - Temporary Structures for Construction (in conjunction with SC-4) and be developed into new Part 20 - Earth Retention Systems. Rework Parts 5, 6 and 7 with the following eight subparts: Earth Retention Structure Selection, Soil and Rock Properties, Computation of Applied Forces, Abutments and Conventional Retaining Walls, Non[1]Gravity Cantilevered Walls, Anchored Walls, MSE Walls and Deflection Criteria and Tolerances. Ongoing assignment through 2023. 

Subcommittee 3:
C3-1: (previously C3-1-1): Review and update of Part 1 - Materials, Tests and Construction Requirements and associated Commentary. 

LB 08-18-05 Update section 1.1.3

LB 08-20-03 Update sections 1.15, C-1.15, and 1.16

LB 08-19-07 Update section 1.26

C3-29: (previously C3-2-10): Review and update of Part 29 - Waterproofing and associated Commentary and add section on ballast mats. Ongoing assignment.

LB 08-19-08 Update Table 8-29-3, section 29.9.10, and C-29.9.10

LB 08-20-09 Create new section to cover ballast mats

LB 08-21-03 Re-write of entire section 29

D3-2-19: Develop Section 1.25.9 – Mass Concrete

D3-1-21: Develop sections for permeability reducing admixtures and hydration control admixtures

LB 08-21-02 Develop sections 1.7.2.c and 1.7.2.d under D3-1-21

D3-2-21 Add Portland Limestone Cement to Part 1 section 1.2 or 1.3

Subcommittee 4:
C4-28: Continuing Assignment Part 28, Temporary Structures for Construction. Review of Part 28, and Comparison of Parts 28 and 20. Review for discrepancies between these two Parts (in conjunction with SC-2, assignment C2-20).

  • Will be reviewed for discrepancies between it and Part 20, “Flexible Sheet Pile Bulkheads” once revisions to Part 20 have been completed. The revised Part 20 has not been completed, so no progress to report at this time.

C4-23: Continuing Assignment Part 23, Pier Protection Systems at Spans over Navigable Streams. Review revisions supplied by Subcommittee 1.

  • Work is ongoing

D4-1-21: Update Section 14.5 Repair Methods

  • Update and edits complete - will be balloted as LB 08-21-08

D4-1-22: Update Section 14.4.9 Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP Composites)

D4-1-18: Comparison of Parts 14 and 21 with Work Provided by Committee 10 (including Committee 42).

  • Comparisons of Handbook of Conventional Maintenance Practices for Railroad Bridges with Part 14 and part 21 is complete.  Currently waiting on C10 for feedback.

C4-23-18: Scour Protection for Maintenance of Concrete Structures. 

  • Work is ongoing

C4-1-19: Review of ACI 546.2R-10 Guide to Underwater Repair of Concrete

  • Work is ongoing

C4-x-19: Review of Chapter 8 References for Replacement with Newer Versions.

  • Work is ongoing - Specific assignments will be determined by the specific Part as applicable during review.