Technical Committees

Committee 9 – Sesimic Design for Railway Structures

Structures Functional Group

This committee is responsible for the development of recommended practices for railway design in seismically active areas. This committee also develops recommended practices for post-earthquake response, including inspections.


Michael T. Dooley, PE, SE

Senior Vice President

ESCA Consultants, Inc.


Vice Chair

Steven R. Williams, PE

Assistant Director Structures Inspection

BNSF Railway



Randall G. Dreiling, SE, PE

Vice President

Design Nine, Inc.



Earthquake Reports (PDF)

Atico, Peru

Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Revision of Manual and Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research.

CA-1-18: Maintain Glossary. Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 1: Seismic Event Preparedness and Post-Event Response.

C1-1-95: Review and update Part 1.2-Post Seismic Event Operation Guidelines and Part 1.5-Existing Structures, as required, as well as Commentary to these Sections. Ongoing assignment.

C1-1-14: Review and update Parts 1.6-Other Facilities and Infrastructure, 1.7-Construction by Others, and 1.8-Retired Facilities, as required, as well as Commentary to these Sections. 
Ongoing assignment.

Subcommittee 2: General Requirements and Design of Structures.

C2-1-95: Review and update Part 1.3-General Requirements and Part 1.4-New Bridges, as well as Commentary to these Sections. Ongoing assignment.

C2-5-97: Track contribution to seismic response. On hold pending additional research/testing.

D2-1-14: Provide guidance and clarification to the Chapter for time-history analysis as an alternative procedure for determination of seismic demands. Ongoing assignment.