Passenger & Transit Functional Group

Technical Committee 17 - High Speed Rail Systems

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of information and recommended practices pertaining to incremental and dedicated high speed rail transport. Passenger operations at Class 6 and higher are considered.


Jonathan M. Wnek, PE

Project Manager



Vice Chair

Skylar M. Leach

Assist Production Engineer - High Speed Surfacing/Tamping




Daniel J. Seery, PE

Senior Trackwork Engineer

HNTB Corporation


Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research

Subcommittee B: Revision of Manual

Subcommittee C1: Corridor Planning Considerations
Chair: Christopher Taylor

Subcommittee C2: Track & Roadway Considerations
Chair: Robert Moore

Subcommittee C3: Facilities & Structural Considerations
Chair: Wayne Hyatt, Jr.

Subcommittee C4: Vehicle Considerations
Chair: Position vacant, apply today

Subcommittee C5: Signal, Communication, and Propulsion Considerations
Chair: Benjamin Freid

Subcommittee D-2-98: Educational Seminars
Chair: Krista Keene

Adhoc Subcommittee: High-Speed Standards Prioritization. This subcommittee is not currently active.