Communications, Signals & Information Technology Functional Group

Technical Committee 34 – Scales

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of recommended procedures and information for the design, installation, testing and maintenance of track scales and all other scales used in connection with operation of a railway.


Damon A. Smith

Assistant Regional Engineer

CSX Transportation


Vice Chair

Shawn C. Good

Sr. Director of Scale Services

Rail Scale, Inc.



David E. Gogolin

Superintendent of Scales

Norfolk Southern Railway



Joshua Marschke

Director Eng Standards

CSX Transportation


Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research.

  • Investigate the feasibility of adding additional accuracy classes for weigh-in-motion scales.
  • Investigate the permanence capabilities of reference cars with objective of using the same reference cars on multiple weigh-in-motion scale tests.

Subcommittee B: Revision of AAR Scale Handbook.

C-1-03: Definitions. Ongoing assignment.
C-1-09: Manual Affirmation. Ongoing assignment.
C-1-10: Handbook Publication & Distribution. Ongoing assignment.
C-1-11: Recommendations to NCWM. Ongoing assignment.
D-1-14: Rewrite Part 3. Completion is scheduled for 2015.