Communications, Signals & Information Technology Functional Group

Technical Committee 38 – Information, Defect Detection & Energy Systems

The purpose of this committee is to develop concepts, provide information and recommend practices for the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment and systems for defect detection, automated train operation, yard and terminal control and other special applications.


John D. Danyluk

Product Manager, Principal

MeteorComm LLC



Paul E. Younger


Nebraska Signal Design & Support, Inc.


Subcommittees & Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research
Subcommittee B: Revision of Manual
Subcommittee 1: Equipment Applications. Responsible for AREMA C&S Manual Parts 1.5.1, 4.1.1-5.3.6, 10.3.10-10.4.30, 12.5.20- 12.6.20, 15.2.35 and 15.2.37

C-1-04: Laser Proximity Systems.
C-2-04: Acoustic Detectors.
C-3-04: Washout Detectors.

Subcommittee 2: Electromagnetic Compatibility. Responsible for AREMA C&S Manual Parts 11.1.1-11.5.1, 19.1.10-19.1.20 and 20.1.4

F-1-04: Initiate and coordinate investigation into AC surge protection as appropriate for Trackside equipment

Subcommittee 3: Energy Systems. Responsible for AREMA C&S Manual Parts 9.1.1-9.5.5 and 18.1.36