Maintenance-of-Way Functional Group

Technical Committee 40 – Engineering Safety


Stephen Love

Manager of Inspection & Records

CSX Transportation


Vice Chair (NV)

Matt Rossing, CSP

Director, EHS and L&D

Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.


Secretary (NV)

Adam Shepherd

Senior Operations Manager

National Railroad Safety Services, Inc.


Committee 40 Mission Statement

Compile, promote, and communicate the value of recommended practices in support of an enhanced safety culture for the railroad community which is free of injury and fatality.

Current Focus 

  • Moving away from "Rules Compliance" and into a role of RWP Application focus
  • Primary Focus: Hazard recognition and mitigation with Maintenance of Way applications and construction activities.

Current Activities

  • Develop Recommended Practices for "Effective Job Briefings"
  • Develop understanding of hazard recognition & mitigation
    • Job Hazard Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
  • OSHA impact on railroad operations
  • System safety approach & Risk reduction