AREMA 2019 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Participants

The purpose of the Member-Get-A-Member contest is to encourage member participation in recruiting new full and associate members. We thank all AREMA members for encouraging membership among friends and colleagues. 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign!

Total MGAM Recruited: 87

First Place: Randy Gustin
Second Place: Brandon Musser
Third Place: Jennifer Uhland
Thank you to the following individuals who participated in the 2019 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign.
Brian Arkwood, PE61909Arkwood
Koren Copps70767Copps
David A. Farley40311Farley
Scott D. Greig72359Greig
Jeremy A. Hedden, PE35590Hedden
Darcey Hormann, P.Eng.40497Hormann
Joseph C. Masterson, PE51181Masterson
Kerry Pihlstrom, PE68586Pihlstrom
Harry C. Steelman03483Steelman
Matthew Youssef36231Youssef