Congratulations to the 2020 Watford Fellow!

The AREMA Educational Foundation in cooperation with the US Committee to the Watford Group of International Railway Designers has selected Yifeng Mao, Track Compliance Officer, Honolulu Rapid Transit, of Dept. of Trans Services, of City & County of Honolulu to attend the annual Watford Conference to be held in fall 2021.  Yifeng will be making a presentation on Track Standards on Long Island Rail Road Company and Design of New No. 24 Turnouts for Long Island Rail Road Company. The four day conference includes field trips and presentations by the attendees in all aspects of railway planning and design with an emphasis on buildings, bridge and tunnel structures, and corporate identity.  

The goals of the Watford Fellowship are twofold: to broaden professional horizons of early career railroaders while enabling them to carry the AREMA brand internationally and, to add new members to the US Watford Committee that can carry on the tradition of Watford Conference participation and the educational benefits that accrue. The Watford Group is one of the very few global organizations that integrate all aspects of rail transportation under the umbrella of "good design is good business."
The Watford Group was created in 1963 by British Railways to encourage the exchange of ideas and promote design excellence among its operating regions; other countries were invited to join and subsequently, over twenty nations are now eligible to send delegates to the annual Watford Conference. 
The US Watford Committee welcomes participation by railway professionals committed to quality design in railway transportation to be a part of the US Delegation. For more information, including how to receive an invitation to the 2021 Conference, contact Cesar Vergara, US Chairman at +1-203-244-5309.  
The AREMA Educational Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization established by AREMA to provide scholarships, fellowships and other educational opportunities in the railway engineering field.