Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Wide

Conference Proceedings Flash Drive $10,000 - Committed
Be the exclusive sponsor of the AREMA 2017 Annual Conference Proceedings Flash Drive. The Proceedings include some of the latest railway engineering projects and best practice benchmarks in the industry and are used as a year-round reference tool by railroad professionals. All AREMA 2017 Annual Conference attendees will receive the Proceedings Flash Drive at the Conference! This sponsorship also includes a full page, 4-color ad in the Proceedings.

Hotel Room Keys $8,000 - Committed
Take the opportunity to get your company name and logo into the hands of attendees many times each day. Customize the hotel keys for the AREMA & REMSA hotel room block.

AREMA Registration Area $3,000 - Committed
The sponsoring company’s logo will be included on all AREMA registration area signage.

AREMA Signage* $2,500 - Committed
Display your company logo on AREMA Annual Conference signage. Only two spaces available!

General Level Investment Varies
For those who wish to provide overall support to the AREMA 2017 Annual Conference without identifying a specific function or activity, choose General Level investments. These investments provide much-needed broad support to AREMA to help cover the cost of audio/visual services, support services and other operating expenses during the Conference. Your company name and logo will be displayed throughout the AREMA Conference.

    Diamond $10,000
    Platinum $5,000
    Gold $2,500
    Silver $1,000

Signature Events

Functional Group Technical Sessions $6,000
Sponsor one of the six Functional Group Technical Sessions on Tuesday, September 19th. The sponsor will be recognized during their chosen session and their sponsor logo will also be included as that session sponsor in the AREMA 2017 Annual Conference Proceedings flash drive.

Sponsorship is $6,000 per session

    Communications & Signals - Committed
    Engineering Services - Committed
    Maintenance - Committed
    Passenger & Transit - Committed
    Structures - Committed
    Track - Committed

AREMA Past Presidents Tables $1,400 - Committed
Sponsor the tables that the AREMA Past Presidents will be seated at during the AREMA Annual Committee Chairs Luncheon. Two available, sponsor one or both!

Presidents Dinner $8,500 - Committed
The AREMA Presidents Dinner is an invitation-only event. This event is held to honor past and current leaders of the organization.

Presidents Dinner Reception* $3,000
This cocktail hour will give guests a chance to socialize and relax before the Presidents Dinner. Have your company logo on table top signs on all cocktail tables. This also includes other signage at the event’s entrance.

Presidents Dinner Wine Selection $3,000 - Committed
Sponsor the upgraded wine selection at the Presidents Dinner.

Presidents Dinner & Reception Entertainment* $1,500
Musical entertainment sponsored by your company will set the tone for the evening.

Spouse/Guest Program $3,500 - Committed
Help support the AREMA Spouse/Guest Program by sponsoring the Spouse/Guest Hospitality Suite and Spouse/Guest Luncheon Speaker. Show the spouses/guests your company cares!

Continental Breakfasts* $3,000
A combination sponsorship of all three breakfasts (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). Your company logo will be displayed during each breakfast.

Conference Operating Committee Breakfast $3,000 - Committed
This breakfast recognizes the volunteers who serve on the Conference Operating Committee and provide staff and event services throughout the Conference.

Morning Coffee Breaks* $2,500
This is a combination sponsorship of two coffee breaks (Tuesday & Wednesday). Your company logo will be displayed during both breaks.

Pre-Opening General Session Entertainment $1,000
You’ll be seen on signage surrounding the opening ceremony as all eyes will be on the entertainment prior to welcoming remarks and as attendees are welcomed into the General Session.

Student Activities

Student Poster Competition $3,000 - Committed
Support our student members who take the opportunity to present late-breaking results, ongoing research projects, and speculative or innovative work in progress through the Student Poster Competition held at the AREMA 2017 Annual Conference. Your logo will go on each student’s easel for display throughout the event.

Student Activity Room $2,500 - Committed
With the expanding number of AREMA student chapters, student participation at the Annual Conference continues to grow. To keep up with the increasing student involvement, we offer a Student Activity Room for students to meet and network with each other during the event. This room will host the many planned student events and activities. Here’s your chance to be in front of the young generation, offer your name on the Student Activity Room and make sure to bring giveaways to continue your brand’s exposure!

Meet The Next Generation* $500
This event focuses on the students who represent the next generation of railway engineering professionals. Meet The Next Generation (MTNG) is broken into two portions, a questions and answers forum informing upcoming professionals and a Networking Reception afterwards to make contacts and continue the expansion of knowledge. Sponsors will receive a complimentary corporate table at the Networking Reception with their logo highlighted on surrounding signage and your company’s information will be included in the On-Site Information Booklet. Students and guests of this event will leave with your contact information for follow up discussions.

If you would like to become an Exhibition Sponsor with Railway Interchange, please click here for more information.