Bridge Inspection - Module 1 - Safety Management Programs

This module is part of a 6 part webinar series.  Module 1 should be completed before taking Modules 2-6.  Module 1 will cover: Bridge Safety Management Programs & The Inspector;  Site Conditions; and Loads and Forces.

Bridge Safety Management Programs & The Inspector
Instructor: Donald McCammon

The Bridge Safety Management Programs & The Inspector section introduces the entire AREMA Railway Bridge Inspection course.  It looks at the regulations and requirements that a railroad bridge inspector works under and then discusses the safety practices and tools the inspector commonly uses in meeting those requirements.

It addresses the requirements in both Canada and the US – noting where the requirements are similar and where some of the differences exist between the US’s Federal Railway Administration and Transport Canada requirements.

Learning Outcomes:
This section is intended to explain why we do our inspections, the importance of the work we do and some of the tools, equipment and safety methods we use to complete those inspections.

Site Conditions

Instructor: Stephen Hill, PE

This section explores practices and procedures concerning the areas around and approaching each bridge to be inspected.   

Learning Outcomes:
•    What is there to see?
•    What does what we see mean?
•    How do we identify things?
•    Why do we identify things?
•    What is around the bridge that may affect it?

Site Conditions information is intended as one of the basic tools any inspector will use to begin the inspection.  In addition, it takes a close look at practices and procedures concerning the areas around and approaching each bridge to be inspected.

Loads and Forces
Instructor: Peter Davis, PE

This section is intended for anyone who is inspecting railroad bridges or assessing damage to bridges.

Learning Outcomes:
The loads and forces inspection section will familiarize the student with:

Common railroad bridge terminology.
Understand how loads and forces are applied to railroad bridges.
Understand how loads and forces impact different bridge types.
Inform inspectors on what to look for on different types of bridges.
Instructor Biographies:

Donald McCammon, PE, Vice President and Sr. Project Manager, a nearly 24-year HDR Employee, has over 46 years of experience in transportation engineering, focusing on freight railroad bridge and track design, construction, and maintenance including 11 ½ years with a Class 1 Railroad. 

Stephen Hill, PE 
is a railroad engineering professional with nearly 50 years of experience in track design, construction, inspection and maintenance and bridge maintenance, construction and inspection.  He has held various key field and office positions for Class 1 railroads, Short Lines and Commuter operations.

Peter Davis, PE has over 44 years of experience in the inspection, assessment, design and maintenance of complex Infrastructure systems. The first 20 years of his career was in emergency service contracting for heavy industry including steel and Paper mills, Railroads, Movable Bridges, Hydraulic structures and Maintenance facilities.



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