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Student Members learn from and network with professionals who encompass the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, including bridges, buildings, communications, electric traction, signals, support systems and track.

AREMA welcomes students pursing a course of study in college or university related to engineering and/or technical aspects of the railway industry.  

Annual Membership Dues are Complimentary


  • Undergraduates - Enrolled in a degree program for a minimum of 12 credit hours per regular semester or 6 credit hours for summer semester.  
  • Graduates - Enrolled in a degree program for a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester
  • Employed part-time or less
    See AREMA Bylaws for full qualification description. 
“Membership in AREMA jump started my career in the railroad industry by introducing me to railroad industry professionals and exposing me to cutting-edge technologies in the industry.”

— Lee Evans

AREMA Member Benefits

In addition to standard AREMA Member Benefits.

  • Free Annual Conference Registration
  • 50% Off Webinar & Seminar Registration 
  • Join an AREMA Committee  to learn more about the railroad industry from seasoned professionals and make contacts that may lead to career opportunities after graduation.
  • Student Memberships status may extend one year after graduation

Technical Committee Voting Privileges

Student Members may provide comments on technical committee ballots, but do not have voting privileges.

“AREMA provides a significant opportunities for direct contact with professionals in the industry. Even when I started as a student member, I had the chance to interact with experts during conferences, committee meetings and professional development events.”

— Ricardo Quiros Orozco

Membership Class

No longer a student?  Find out more about Full and Associate Memberships at the link below.

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