Bridge Inspection - Module 4 - Steel & Moveable

This module is part of a 6 part webinar series.  Module 1 should be completed before taking Modules 2-6.  Module 4 will cover: Steel & Moveable Bridges Inspection.

Steel Bridge Inspection
This module presents the fundamental of steel bridge inspection by providing a basic understanding of steel as a bridge material, the components that make up a steel bridge, typical defects, and failure modes such as crack development, corrosion. In addition, steel bridge types will be reviewed and their unique inspection requirements.

Learning Outcomes:
The typical elements that make up a steel bridge.
Steel properties, member shapes and fastening systems used on steel bridges as well as typical defects.
The types of floor systems and bearings used along with typical defects found on these bridges.
The types of steel bridges along with their unique characteristics and where defects generally occur.

Movable Bridge Inspection
This module section presents the fundamental of movable bridge inspection by providing a basic understanding of the three basic types and how they transfer dead and live loads into the substructure. Inspection of mechanical, electrical and safety systems are reviewed as well as typical defects and failure modes for the three basic movable bridge types.

Learning Outcomes:
The three types of movable bridges and how they carry dead and live loads.
Mechanical and electrical inspection of movable bridge drive and safety systems and where defects typically occur.
Specific requirements of swing bridge inspection.
Specific requirements of bascule bridge inspection.
Specific requirements of vertical lift bridge inspection.
Specific requirements for fender system and navigation aid inspection. 
The types of steel bridges along with their unique characteristics and where defects generally occur.

This webinar is comprised of recommended practices and relevant accumulated knowledge from subject matter experts in the railroad industry. It is not intended as a regulatory qualification.

Instructor Biography:

Peter Davis, PE has over 44 years of experience in the inspection, assessment, design and maintenance of complex Infrastructure systems. The first 20 years of his career was in emergency service contracting for heavy industry including steel and Paper mills, Railroads, Movable Bridges, Hydraulic structures and Maintenance facilities.


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10/26/2021 1:00 PM - 3:15 PM

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