Track Functional Group

Technical Committee 1 – Roadway & Ballast

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of recommended practices and information relating to:

  • Preliminary exploration, testing, design, construction, and maintenance of railway roadbeds. This shall include soil stabilization, retaining structures and drainage.
  • Ballast types and sections.
  • Culvert types, installation and inspection.
  • Utility installation on railway rights-of-way by railways or others.
  • Fencing and roadway signs.
  • Vegetation control.
  • Tunnel design and excavation, not including lining the tunnel, which is the responsibility of Committee 8.
  • Geosynthetic materials for railway applications.


Christopher S. Moale, PE

Capital Construction Manager



Vice Chair

Eric J. Frostestad, PE

Sr Railroad Project Engineer




Shawn R. Coombs, PE

Federal Engineering Manager

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.


Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendations for Further Investigation and Research.

Subcommittee B: Revision of Manual.

Subcommittee 1: Roadbed

D1-1-17: Rewrite of Section 1.4.1 - Maintenance of Roadbed 

D1-2-17: Rewrite of Section 1.4.2 - Maintenance of Rock Slopes

D1-2-18: Rewrite of Section 1.4.3 – Maintenance of Earth Slopes

D1-3-18: Rewrite of Section 1.4.4 – Widening of Cuts 

D1-1-20: Develop Section 1.4.7 Methods of Sand Removal

Subcommittee 2: Ballast

D2-1-11: Re-cycled Crushed Concrete for Sub-ballast application

D2-3-17: Rewrite of Section 2.11 Sub-ballast Recommended Practice

D2-4-18: Develop recommendations for ballast electrical resistivity

D2-7-18: Develop recommendations for ballast electrical resistivity

Subcommittee 3: Natural Waterways

D3-8-18: Revise and combine Sections 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6

D3-3-20: Re-write of Section 3.2

Subcommittee 4: Culverts

D4-4-17: Rewrite of Section 4.18 Earth Boring and Jacking Culvert Pipe Through Fills 

D4-7-17: Rewrite of Section 4.1 – Location and Type 

D4-8-17: Rewrite of Section 4.11 – Hydraulics of Culverts 

D4-9-17: Rewrite of Section 4.19 – Culvert Rehabilitation 

D4-10-17: Rewrite of Section 4.20 – Specifications for Steel Tunnel Liner Plates 

D4-11-17: Rewrite of Section 4.21 – Construction of Tunnel Using Steel Tunnel Liner Plates

D4-1-18: Rewrite of Section 4.22 Culvert Inspection

D4-4-20: Re-write of Section 4.18 Culvert End Treatments

D4-1-23: Request to update 4.4, 4.5, 4.8, 4.9, 4.25, and 4.26


Subcommittee 5: Utilities

D5-5-18: Develop manual material regarding monitoring of track during construction

D5-6-18: Develop recommended practice for pipe ramming & jacking 

D5-9-18: Reorganize sections of the manual (5.7 & 5.8) dealing with trenchless technologies to make it easier for the user to understand

D5-10-18: Review and revise manual content regarding depth of cover for utilities

D5-5-20: Reorganize entire Part 5

Subcommittee 6: Fences


Subcommittee 7: Roadway Signs

D7-5-17: Reestablish the subcommittee and develop new content for this section of the manual which would be simplified material for use primarily by short line railroads and public agencies

D7-11-18: Update graphic appendix for Part 7 (Roadway Signs)

Subcommittee 8: Tunnels

D8-3-16: Develop recommendations for Pilot Tube Method of Micro-tunneling

Subcommittee 9: Vegetation Control


Subcommittee 10: Geosynthetics

C10-1-96: Develop recommended practice for the use of geosynthetics for stabilization of the track roadbed. Monitor applicable research on goesynthetics for information that will strengthen AREMA specifications. Continuing assignment.

D10-1-21 Develop a section on permanent erosion control.

D10-2-14: Create Section 10.0 Introduction to Geosynthetics

D10-2-15: Develop recommendations for use of woven geotextile fabrics

D10-6-20: Update of Section 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3