Passenger & Transit Functional Group

Technical Committee 11 - Commuter & Intercity Rail Systems

This committee is responsible for providing information and technical direction for the development and maintenance of passenger systems operating on the general railroad network of North America. This includes specialized track systems, yard facilities, support buildings, stations, maintenance techniques, and data systems necessary to provide passenger service. (Technical recommendation for general track systems, yard, buildings and maintenance of facilities is addressed in other committees.) This Committee is also responsible to examine and make recommendations for optimizing the dual use of railroad facilities by both freight and passenger operations on the general railroad network.


Amanda Kessler, PE

Senior Program Manager



Vice Chair

Michael Fields

Principal Project Manager




Emily A. Yessick, PE

Program Manager

Urban Engineers, Inc.



Subcommittees and Current Assignments

Subcommittee A: Recommendation Further Investigation/Research – Chair Joe Olson

Subcommittee B: Revisions to Manual – ChairSean Kullen

Subcommittee C-1: Education and Seminars – Chair Bharat Peddu

Subcommittee C-2: Conference Presentation – Co-Chairs James Savarese, Art Misiaszek

Subcommittee D-2: Corridor Planning Considerations – Co-Chairs Frank Miller and Emily A. Yessick

Subcommittee D-3: Track and Roadway Considerations: Chair Jason Orthner

Subcommittee D-4: Facilities and Structure Considerations – Co-Chairs Kip Foster and Allene Rieger

Subcommittee D-5: Vehicle Considerations – Chair Marcin Taraszkiewicz

Subcommittee D-6: Signal, Communication, and Propulsions Considerations – Chair Josh Bendyk

Subcommittee D-7: Maintenance-of-Way – Chair Mike Loehr

All “D” Subcommittees have been assigned tasks to provide Manual materials for Committee 11. Writing teams have been assigned to each Subcommittee.