Technical Committees

Committee 12 - Rail Transit

Passenger & Transit Functional Group

This committee is responsible for the development and publication of information regarding light and heavy rail transit systems and their design, construction and rehabilitation.


Jeff Keating, PE

Senior Engineering Manager-Rail



Vice Chair

Scott L. Hudson, PE

Sr. Transit and Rail Manager

WSP USA Corporation



Peter W. Fedun, PE

Deputy Practice Leader

Urban Engineers, Inc.



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Subcommittees and Current Assignments

D-01-16: Review Preamble coordinate changes with Subcommittee B of Committees 11 and 17. D-02-16: Electric Traction Power & Stray Current.

D-03-16: Plan for mid-year Committee meeting in spring 2017.

D-04-16: Further development of design considerations for special trackwork.

D-05-16: Development of considerations for the use of rail grinding.

D-06-16: Rationalization of existing text on Part 4 Facilities and Structural Considerations and coordination with TCRP 71.

D-07-16: Impact Loads.

D-08-16: Development of Table of Contents and work program for Part 6 Signals, Communications, and Propulsion Considerations.

D-09-16: Development of Table of Contents and work program for Part 7 Maintenance of Way Considerations.

D-10-16: Development of Table of Contents and work program for Security.