AREMA Recommended Practices - Interested Party Review

The following Ballots - Recommended Practices have been approved by the AREMA Functional Group Board of Director’s (Board) and are being published for interested party comments.  

In order for comments to be considered, they must be received no later than 30 days after the posted date. Comments should be submitted in electronic format and sent to Alayne Bell.

If no comments are received by the date and time set forth above, the Recommended Practice, as approved by the Board, will be submitted to the Publications Committee for publication.  The Recommended Practice will be effective on the publication date of the Manual. 

Comments shall be received and considered by the respective Committee that oversees the Recommended Practice.  Said Committee shall notify the commenter of any action taken or not taken regarding the comment (The respective Functional Group and Senior Vice President will also be notified). 

If the commenter desires to appeal to the Board as a result of the decision of the respective Committee, it shall notify Alayne Bell within 10 days from receipt of the respective Committee’s decision.  If an appeal is taken, the commenter will be advised of the Board’s procedure for reviewing the appeal.

A Recommended Practice receiving comments will not become effective until the comment process is concluded, and the final language of the Recommended Practice is sent to the Publications Committee for publication.