Advertise in the AREMA 2018 Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are available to all conference attendees at the AREMA 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition on a convenient, easy-to-use, flash drive!

The AREMA 2018 Conference Proceedings, including advertising and Technical Sessions will be published on a flash drive, sponsored by Parsons, and handed out to all AREMA 2018 Annual Conference attendees.  This flash drive will also include the Opening and Closing General Sessions.

Following the Conference, the Proceedings, including advertising, will be posted on the AREMA website for free access by all AREMA members.

Additional flash drives and a print version of the Proceedings will be available for sale to those who did not attend the Conference.
   4-Color Rates  B&W Rates Dimensions 
Two-Page Spread $2,625 $2,100  7.25” W x 10” H (2)
Full Page
$1,600 $1,300 7.25” W x 10” H
2/3 Page  $1,200  $950 4.625” W x 10” H 
1/2 page $1,000  $800  7.25” W x 4.875” H
1/3 Page $700  $500  4.625” W x 4.875” H
1/4 page $600
 $450  3.5” W x 4.875” H
Professional Listing
 N/A  $300 3.625” W x 2.875” H

Special Placement, if available, 10% premium

Printing and Material Specifications
Publication Size: 8 1/2” x 11” Binding: Perfect Binding Printing: 4-color and B&W offset

Electronic Media: high resolution PDF files are preferred.  EPS, JPG, TIFF or other electronic graphic formats are acceptable.  PageMaker, MS Word or Quark files with supporting graphics and fonts also accepted.

June 22, 2018 Signed Reservation Form, Payment Due and Advertising Material Due

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AREMA 2018 Conference Proceedings sponsored by Parsons.