Board of Governors Nominating Committee

The Governance Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending candidates to fill any open Governor positions. The committee normally begins its work in the first quarter of the year, and must present its final report to the President and Board of Governors no later than June 30.    When elected, the new Governor(s) take office at the next Annual Meeting of the Association (held in conjunction with the Annual Conference).  The Governance Nominating Committee consists of the three most recent Past Presidents of the Association, and the Executive Director/CEO (ex-officio without a vote).  No member of the Board of Governors other than the Past President may be a voting member of the Governance Nominating Committee.  The Governance Nominating Committee Chairman is the Past President currently serving on the Board of Governors.

Trent M. Hudak, PE
Victor R. Babin
Michael P. Freeman, PE
Elizabeth Caruso, IOM, CAE