Conference Operating Committee

The Conference Operating Committee is responsible for assisting in and supporting the on-site operations of the AREMA Annual Conference.  The committee is responsible for safety and security, and assisting with registration, information center and all on-site activities during the conference.  They assist in preparations for the Annual Luncheon and Presidents Dinner. Additionally, the committee assists with any needed preparations and details to assure a successful conference.​ ​
Joseph C. Bamert, III, PE
Anthony DiGirolamo, PE
Bruce R. Anderson
Justin Andresen
Michael Atzert, PE
Walter J. Barry
Stephen J. Birkholz
Kirsten N. Bowen, PE
Chris Brenny
Darby G. Burwell
J. Gray Chandler
Matthew E. Chrapek, PE
David E. Crader, PE
Robert A. Gilly
Stephen P. Heath, PE
Stephen J. Hill, PE
Elizabeth J. Hoekenga, PE, SE
Karen J. Horiszny
James E. Howell
Kevin K. Keller, PG, CGWP
Arthur S. Kiefer
Robert D. Kimicata, PE
Anthony D. Klaumann, PE
Brent J. Marsh, PE
M. Shawn Marshall, PE
Darrell J. Murphy
David Nelson, PE
Jacqueline O'Connell
Philip G. Pasterak, PE
Robert Pieper
William S. Riehl, III, PE, F.SAME
Ethan Russell
Robert J. Verhelle