Why Join?

Learn from and network with professionals who encompass the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, including bridges, buildings, communications, electric traction, signals, support systems and track.

Student Membership Dues - Complimentary

The dues year is January 1 – December 31.  New applicants who join from October 1 to December 31 are valid through the next year.  Membership must be renewed annually to remain an active member.

Student Member Qualifications

  • Pursuing a course of study, beyond high school, related to the engineering and/or technical aspects of the railway industry
  • Employed part-time or less

Member Category After Graduation

  • May continue to pay Student dues for one year after graduation
  • Automatic transition to Associate Member 
  • May apply for Full Member after gaining a least three years full-time work experience 

Technical Committee Voting Privileges

Student Members may join and participate on technical committees, but they do not have voting rights. 

Membership Benefits

Participation on AREMA Committees
Learn more about the railroad industry from seasoned professionals and make contacts that may lead to career opportunities after graduation.
Membership and Committee Directory
Locate individuals you met at an AREMA event by looking up their latest contact information contained in the directory. 
Subscriptions to Railway Track and Structures (RT&S)  and Progressive Railroading
Stay abreast of the changes, opportunities, and issues facing the railroad industry to increase your ability to discuss current issues with other professionals as well as impress your professors.
Discounted Rates for AREMA Publications and Manuals
The Practical Guide to Railway Engineering is an important foundation to build your industry knowledge upon. Other more advanced manuals will keep your industry knowledge progressive regarding recommended practices in the various areas of the railway engineering and maintenance-of-way industry.
Proceedings of the AREMA Annual Conference & AREA Proceedings/Bulletins
A great reference tool for study and learning and an opportunity to have your research published.