Are You Looking for a Railway Professional to Speak at Your University?

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) has experts that are available to present as guest speakers at your University or University-affiliated group to talk about various railway topics.

Our industry experts come from a variety of backgrounds and can speak on the following topics:

Railway Industry Overview Train Operations
Basic Track
Railway Equipment
Tractive Effort
Train-Track Dynamics
Soils, Drainage and ROW
Track Alignment Design
Work Equipment
Track Inspection & Maintenance
Civil and Track Construction
Railway Structures
Environmental Regulations and Permitting
Highway-Railway Grade Crossings
Utility Occupations
Communications and Signals
Facilities (Intermodal, Yards)
Electrical Engineering

To request a speaker, please contact Tim Rock
AREMA Committee 24, Education & Training
Student Speakers Subcommittee
Speaker availability based on geography and topic requested.