Student Chapter Roles & Responsibilities 

The following paragraphs explain the roles and responsibilities of each party involved. A clear understanding of roles and responsibilities is a necessity to ensure clear communications between AREMA and the Chapters.

Headquarters (HQ) / Engineering Services Functional Group Vice President (ESFGVP)

Administration support of program (Headquarters)

  • Processing applications and maintaining membership lists
  • Establish / Maintain (Student Chapter) organizational mailbox
  • Mailing Chapter certificates
  • Establish / Maintain Chapter webpage and documents (membership lists, officials, advisors, by-laws, etc.)

Management and control of program (ESFGVP)

  • Receiving consolidated annual reports
  • Approving by-laws, rules and amendments to official documents (Final approval by Headquarters)

Committee 24 University Relations Subcommittee

  • Link between HQ and Student Chapter Coordinator (SCC)
  • Provides contacts and support for search of industry liaisons
  • Provides ties to mentoring and other AREMA generated programs
  • Develops and reviews rules and regulations
  • Develops and reviews the progress of the Student Chapter program and provides recommendations for the Chapters and for Headquarters for improvements
  • Resolves issues (or directs them to Headquarters) brought up by Student Chapter Coordinator (SCC) and the Chapters
  • Consolidates student chapter annual reports and submits same to Headquarters as a subset of Committee 24’s annual report.

Student Chapter Coordinator (SCC) (Member of Committee 24)

  • One-point contact between Chapters and AREMA Committee 24 (and Headquarters)
  • Responds and brings to AREMA’s attention inquiries and questions from the Chapters
  • Provides guidance in setting up and running chapters
  • Initiates contacts between the Chapters and industry
  • Reviews data presented at AREMA web page for accuracy
  • Collects, reviews and submits annual reports and other documents to Headquarters 

Industry Liaison

  • Minimum of one (1) individual currently involved in the industry for each chapter
  • Provides direct link to industry (enables information exchange between industry and students). Coordinates regularly with the Chapter officials and participates in the Chapter meetings (by person or by conference call)
  • Provides industry reviews and updates on current “hot” industry topics
  • Assists in setting up chapter activities by identifying opportunities with industries
  • Alumni preferred
  • Assists in developing mentor/mentee relationships

Advisor (university)

  • Provides administrative assistance with university
  • Provides guidance and oversight of Chapter activities
  • Provides direct link to faculty / staff, thus expanding the visibility of the industry within academia
  • Promotes AREMA Scholarships and Industry recruiting



  • Primus motors for activities
  • Provide leadership for members and forms the main link between members and AREMA
  • Regular discussions with SCC
  • Promotes railroading on campus and in community
  • Hopefully become involved with AREMA committee activities