Technical Committees

How to Get Started

Review the Committees listed below to see if any fit your interests or area(s) of expertise. After your AREMA Membership is verified, your Committee application is sent to the Committee Chair for review/approval and may take a few weeks. You will hear back from AREMA and/or the Committee Chair with your approval.

If you have questions or would like to attend a committee meeting as a guest, please contact AREMA Staff.

Communications, Signals & Information Technology

The Communications, Signals & Information Technology Functional Group focuses on the safety and efficiency of railroad communication, signal, and scale systems. These members provide key insight for the development and revision of the Communications & Signals Manual and AREMA Scale Handbook.

34 - Scales
35 - Information Technology
36 - Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Warning Systems
37 - Signal Systems
38 - Information, Defect Detection & Energy Systems
39 - Positive Train Control

Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Functional Group brings together the technical knowledge of various engineering disciplines that support the design, construction, and maintenance of railway infrastructure.  These six committees develop and maintain the best practices for their respective chapters of the AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering. Additionally, the Education & Professional Development committee promotes the expertise of all the AREMA Functional Groups.

6 - Rail Facilities, Utilities and Buildings
13 - Environmental
14 - Yards & Terminals
16 - Economics of Railway Engineering & Operations
18 - Light Density & Short Line Railways
24 - Education & Professional Development


The Maintenance-of-Way Functional Group focuses on safety and railroad maintenance operations. These members provide key insight for the development and publication of information and recommended practices regarding operational safety, track maintenance, track measurement and assessment systems, and roadway maintenance machines.

2 - Track Measurement and Assessment Systems
27 - Maintenance of Way Work Equipment
40 - Engineering Safety & Training
41 - Track Maintenance

Passenger & Transit

The Passenger & Transit Functional Group covers the common elements and recommended practices for Commuter, Transit, High-Speed passenger rail systems including planning, design, operations, and electrical systems.  Our members provide expertise for the development and revision of the AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering and Portfolio of Trackwork Plans.

11 - Commuter & Intercity Rail Systems
12 - Rail Transit
17 - High Speed Rail Systems
33 - Electric Energy Utilization


The Structures Functional Group focuses on railroad structures and the surrounding clearance envelope. Members provide guidance for design, construction, repair and maintenance of timber, concrete, and steel railway structures considering safety, durability, capacity, and constructability.  The work of the committees is captured in the Manual for Railway Engineering, the Bridge Inspection Handbook and various related seminars and webinars.

7 - Timber Structures
8 - Concrete Structures & Foundations
9 - Seismic Design for Railway Structures
10 - Structures Maintenance & Construction
15 - Steel Structures
28 - Clearances


The Track Functional Group focuses on guidelines for the design, manufacturing, installation, construction, and ongoing maintenance of critical pieces of track infrastructure, including the roadbed, pipes and culverts, rail, ties, and other track components. They also develop and revise content of the appropriate sections of the Manual for Railway Engineering, the Practical Guide to Railway Engineering, and the Portfolio of Trackwork Plans.

1 - Roadway & Ballast
4 - Rail
5 - Track
30 - Ties and Fasteners